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We Appreciated Your Ability to Keep the Process Calm and Peaceful

I wanted to say thank you for helping us through the divorce process. As you already know it’s a very stressful time with emotions running high. You are very skilled at what you do and we appreciated your ability to keep the process calm and peaceful as possible. You have a special ability to help both parties understand the opposing point of views to allow for an amicable agreement. Take care and have a wonderful 2021


Mara made our Dissolution easy

Mara made our Dissolution easy to work through. She helped us talk through the important issues to consider and cut through the red tape of the court.

Mediation is a much less expensive and time saving route, if you generally agree on the Dissolution, and plan to go through the process as amicably as possible.


You Helped to Make an Extremely Painful Process Bearable

Thanks so much for your professionalism and patience. You helped to make an extremely painful process bearable.
I recommend anyone going through divorce to at least talk with Mara before an attorney.
Thanks again!


We Have a Friendship That is a Massive Gift to Us

Not an ideal situation for sure, getting divorced with two kids after 18 years of marriage. However, because of Mara at Affordable Mediation we got through the process with very low conflict and great collaboration. It’s been almost two years now and we have a friendship that is a massive gift to us, our kids and our family unit. We sit with each other at the kids activities and can still have family dinners and everything. Thank you!


Her Help Made the Process Very Easy

I want to thank Mara for her mediation assistance and preparation of all the necessary paperwork. Her help made the process very easy to deal with. She provided clear and concise information throughout the process.


Meeting with Mara made this whole experience easier.

Meeting with Mara made this whole experience easier. She provided us with all the paperwork and explained everything carefully both verbally and in writing. I felt supported and informed, and appreciate her knowledge. She remained very neutral and always included both of us in all communication.


You will save thousands of dollars by going this route.

This is by far the most affordable, simple, and legal way to start the divorce process with the AZ court system. Based on Mara’s vast knowledge of the legal system, it was quite easy for all of the assets to be properly and fairly allocated between my spouse and I. For those individuals seeking an amicable and neutral divorce, this is the best way to proceed in the state of Arizona. You will save thousands of dollars by going this route.


You are Wonderful

Mara, thank you for sending the Consent Decree with the court number on it. You are wonderful. You have made this process so easy with step by step instructions as well as a certain amount of ‘hand holding’. T. and I filled in the missing data yesterday and made sure we were both ok with how everything was listed. Now we can get everything notarized and be ready for our [Consent Decree hearing] date. I want to thank you for being available for post meeting questions. THANK YOU. I will let you know when everything is done next month just to put final closure on us.


Guidance and Expertise that We Needed

Thank you again so much for all you have done for us. You have given us the guidance and expertise that we needed to feel confident that we are thoroughly and effectively completing this process. We truly appreciate you.


I’m Grateful that I Found You

Thanks for all you have done for K, our kids and our family. I feel the mediation process worked well for us…although we had some emotional and heated exchanges. As you stated, inside your office was the time and place to get all that out so we can move forward.… I feel we have gone through the process with respect and fairness, which in the end will positively impact our ability to co-parent our family at a high-level. I am grateful that I found you.


You’re a Blessing

Thanks Mara. I really appreciate your help. You’ve made our separation a more respectful, equitable process. You are knowledgeable, calm, and a phenomenal objective listener.

You’re a blessing.


You Were Terrific

Hi Mara,
Everything has been finalized. You were terrific. Thank you so much. I hope I never have to refer you but just in case, you will get a resounding nod. Thanks again.


We Cannot Thank You Enough

Thank You for everything and it was bitter sweet to receive all the documents back from the judge this weekend. We will review the closing letter and will contact you with any questions! We cannot Thank You enough for all your hard work and dedication to our resolution of marriage 😥, or for the other emoji😀!


Your Guidance Helped Immensely

Thank you,
Although this has not been an easy process between us, your guidance helped immensely.


Excellent Service, Attention to Detail and Professionalism

We had our consent decree hearing yesterday afternoon and the divorce is now final. I want to thank you for the excellent service, attention to detail and professionalism you showed in helping us to mitigate this difficult process. The judge was very complimentary on the quality of the documents we presented and there were zero issues or questions thanks to your painstaking work. Your assistance and preparation really made all the difference yesterday.


You Helped the Process to be as Smooth as Possible

Hi Mara,
Sorry for my slow reply but I wanted to also thank you! You were so professional and I agree with R., you helped the process to be as smooth as possible. Hopefully, I won’t know too many people in our situation but if I’m ever in a position to recommend you, I would. I hope you have a wonderful summer! Thank you!


A Pleasure Meeting You

Hello Mara,
It truly was a pleasure meeting you on Thursday. Appreciate your help with this mediation process.


In a Much Better Place Today

Hi Mara,
Thank you very much for checking in and for all of your assistance. The divorce has been finalized and G. and I are able to move on with our lives. We are in a much better place today. Thank you again!


Divorce Sucks

Divorce sucks. Thank you for all you do.


Grateful for the Assistance

Hi Mara, I hope you are doing well. I still think of you often and am so grateful for the assistance you provided with P and my split up.


Final Note of Gratitude

Hi Mara,
Thank you for your assistance through this process I truly appreciate it. I apologize for any frustrations you may have had with us. I do not know how you do this time and time again as you have to put up with a lot of different emotions from different individuals that may seem to be geared towards you. I can tell you that was not the case for me and likely Brittany. Best of luck just wanted to send one final note of gratitude.


You Literally Saved my Life

I have been meaning to take a minute and acknowledge your Yeomen’s work.
From my perspective, You literally saved my life. Divorces are devastating and you helped us make the best of it. I have shared your contact info twice in the last month.
Once again, THANK YOU


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