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What is Family Mediation?

Posted on December 4th, 2018 by Mara

Family Mediation services resolve issues involving family members, typically children. The benefits of working through this with a professional divorce mediator are reduced tension, confidence in the final outcome, a faster resolution, and a mutual basis for your family moving forward. A mediator is a neutral party present to keep everyone focused on the right […]

How Does Infidelity Affect Divorce Mediation?

Posted on September 1st, 2015 by ownerAM

  In the wake of the scandal surrounding the affair-seeking site, Ashley Madison, a lot of discussion has ensued about infidelity and divorce.  Clearly, infidelity is one of the factors leading a couple to pursue a divorce or separation, but how does it impact the actual process?     In many states, like Arizona, there are no-fault […]

Interesting Tidbits About Divorce

Posted on September 6th, 2012 by ownerAM

I have no idea if they are true or from reliable sources, but thought they were worth sharing:  A divorce in the U.S. occurs every 10-13 seconds 75% of divorced people remarry within 5 years Ends in divorce: 50% of 1st marriages 67% of 2nd marriages 74% of 3rd marriages Military wives 2x as likely […]

Custody of Embryos?

Posted on February 7th, 2012 by ownerAM

  In this age of family building options, emerging issues arise when it comes to divorce. Many couples pursue their dream of being parents through the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). As a result, people are creating embryos which they freeze and store in order to provide them the future option of having children. However, […]

The Holidays – High Season for Divorce?

Posted on December 20th, 2011 by ownerAM

  Although I do not believe there are any hard and fast statistics, the general impression among divorce and family law professionals is that January and February are “high season” for divorce and separation.  There are many theories about why this time of year sees so many couples calling it quits.  One idea is that […]

Mediation Officially Recognized in Phoenix

Posted on October 30th, 2011 by ownerAM

  I firmly believe that we are the Mediation Generation. As a community and as individuals, we are looking for a change from the old status quo of going to battle when we have disagreements. Instead, we want to try to work things out, find mutually agreeable solutions, reduce our stress, and minimize needless expenses. […]

You Have Alternatives to Legal Separation or Divorce

Posted on August 3rd, 2011 by ownerAM

  Many couples I work with in my Mediation practice are not ready for a Legal Separation or Divorce, but want to take an interim step that leaves their options and choices open.  Not only does this take the pressure off the couple to make any definitive life altering decisions, but provides flexibility and opportunity […]

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The New Divorce: The Mediation Generation

Posted on May 20th, 2011 by ownerAM

  View/Listen to Webinar I was talking to a charming woman the other day who told me that her divorce was a very positive transition in her life. She remarked that she did not understand why our society had to make the topic of divorce so negative and, in some cases, taboo.  There are many […]

Reconciliation in Mediation? Maybe Your Marriage Can Be Saved.

Posted on March 11th, 2011 by ownerAM

  Divorce Mediation doesn’t just mean splitting up.  In my experience, it is not uncommon for couples to reconcile during the mediation process, which is another advantage of mediation over the traditional litigation path.  During mediation, couples are assisted in their communications in a supportive and nonjudgmental manner.  Sometimes this is achieved with the help […]

Helping Children Navigate Through Divorce

Posted on January 17th, 2011 by ownerAM

Among the many issues parents face in a divorce situation is how the children are affected.  Kim R. Lipsman, a Phoenix licensed professional counselor has tips and suggestions for parents in the following article: Divorce can cause many emotions for parents and children. Everyone involved in the divorcing family may feel loss, anger, sadness, a threat […]