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Judith Lewis Thome

Judith Lewis-Thome

Judith Lewis-Thome brings more than 20 years of family mediation experience to Affordable Mediation.  With her background and training in clinical psychology, Judy has been helping couples and individuals for more than 30 years. As the former Supervisor for Conciliation Services at the Maricopa County Superior Court, Judy not only possesses vast knowledge of our family court system, but has a wealth of experience and expertise clients have found invaluable. Her empathetic nature assists clients in working through the emotional landscape of divorce and post-divorce parenting.

To call Judy directly: 602-531-4588

Other Achievements by Judith Lewis-Thome:

  • Served on the committee for the revision of the Arizona Supreme Court Model Parenting Time Plans (now: Planning for Parenting Time/Arizona’s Guide for Living Apart)
  • Held the position of Supervisor of Maricopa County Superior Court’s Conciliation Services from 2003-2009
  • Was an Evaluator for Maricopa County Superior Court’s Conciliation Services
  • Worked as a Mediator for Maricopa County Superior Court’s Conciliation Services
  • Conducts Parenting Conferences for Maricopa County/Superior Court
  • Performs private custody evaluations and home studies
  • Conducted investigations as a Court Appointed Advisor for the Office of Public Defense Services/Maricopa County
  • Offers co-parenting training
  • Actively participated on the committee of AzAFCC Summit Project 2010
  • Successfully completed Maricopa County Leadership Program (EDGE)
  • Ran a private practice as a clinical psychologist in Nachtsheim, Germany
  • Worked as a court-appointed psychologist for German Family and Criminal Courts
  • Was a member of the clinical staff of the Pyschosomatic Clinic for Children and Adolescents in Bad Neuenahr, Germany
  • Received her Diploma in Psychology (equivalent to a Master’s Degree) from Philipps-Universitaet in Marburg, Germany
  • Obtained her Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University
  • Completed several courses of graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at Oakland University in Rochester, MI
  • Attended several graduate counseling and ethics classes at Arizona State University
  • Bilingual in English and German