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The Story of Affordable Mediation

By Mara Linder

Being an attorney for over 27 years, I have been almost constantly frustrated with the litigation and court process. I witnessed clients struggle with huge financial costs, emotional wear and tear, fighting, and unpredictable rulings that characterize the litigation process. I would encourage my clients towards finding a settlement in order to stop the bleeding and enable them to move forward with their lives. The problem was often the other side was not willing to work out a settlement. It was the human element of the divorce process that my legal background did not properly equip me to address.

Out of my desire to improve my clients’ experience and to help people in a more personal way, I went back to school and obtained my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling. The perspective that my Master’s training provided has helped me address the emotional fuel that runs the cycle of litigation. It provides me with deeper insight into why people fight, what motivates us to waste our energies in debilitating lawsuits, and how we can heal and move forward after an emotional trauma.

Since 2007, I have been using my legal background, my counseling skills, and Mediation training to help divorcing couples move forward with their lives. I believe that families can emerge from a divorce better than they were before. I have mediated well over 1,200 divorce cases with almost every case finding a mutually acceptable settlement and avoiding court and the stress of litigation.

I founded Affordable Mediation in Phoenix, Arizona to focus on providing affordable mediation to couples going through a separation or divorce.  Even though “traditional mediation” is often significantly less expensive than litigation, it is still a huge financial burden on divorcing couples.  Affordable Mediation’s goal is to make quality mediation more accessible and affordable through the use of innovation. Affordable Mediation helps couples navigate the legal and emotional maze of divorce by providing significant support, assistance, and guidance at a fraction of the cost of other mediators.

Mediation Team at Affordable Mediation - Phoenix
Divorce Mediators Mara Linder and Nicole Pelcic